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The Core Fences School for the Deaf
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
On September 2 2006 members of The Core, with other rotaractors and guests, helped put up 
a fence for the Mulago school for the deaf.

Mulago school for the deaf is a primary boarding school that caters to the educational needs of
deaf children in most of Kawempe division. 

It was established with the help of the Mulago Catholic parish and it has 98 pupils. Because it didnt have a fence, tresspassers and all manner of people 
were freely moving through the school and using its facilities. 
This posed many risks to the school children and school property.

After a brief but intense fundraising period, the club had gathered the requisite funds to see the project through. Everybody set about the job of putting up the fence. In a few hours all the bars were up waiting for the concrete to dry and have the chain link put up.

It was a tiring but satisfying exercise and The Core thanks eveybody who made it and lent a hand.

Below is what the place looks like now.

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A New Year Begins
Monday, July 17, 2006
A new rotary year is upon us and it promises to be a good one for the club. The just concluded year was one in which The Core was coming into its own as a young club and therefore this current year should be one of strengthening the club and concentrating on projects.
The new President Paul "Kagsy" Kagaba recently outlined his plan for the club over the coming 12 months and he promised that the emphasis would be largely on community service projects.
The foremost among these is the implementation of the Mulago School for the Deaf project. The Core has committed itself to constructing a fence for the school so as to ward off trespassers and any other unsavoury characters that may pose a danger to the young vulnerable students that stay at the school.

Also as part of its community service projects The Core plans to embark on a vigorous "new generations" campaign. This campaign will mainly involve building meaningful relationships with various interact clubs in Kampala and beyond. The club will carry out various social and educative activities with Interact clubs as part of the campaign.
This year the President would like the club members to get more involved in the sign language project. The members of the club are all encouraged to learn the basic sign language as a step towards strengthening the club's bond with the deaf community.
On the international scene, The Core is in advanced plans, in conjunction with its twin club, the Rotaract Club of Mutaiga, to create a twinning partnership with a club in Dar-el-salaam. The idea is to put the club at the forefront of promoting international goodwill and understanding within the district and the world at large.

It should not be imagined that the new year comes with only new initiatives. The old club activities like the 1000-mile run, birthday celebrations and club outings shall remain an integral part of the club's activities. The club members will continue to have fun because it is important not to lose the focus and identity of the club as one that recognises that fun activities are as important as service projects to any Rotaract club.
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Magazine month
Monday, April 10, 2006
The month of April is designated as the Magazine month. In this month the emphasis is put on highlighting the various Rotary publications, both from RI and individual clubs. Since the first issue of the National Rotarian (predecessor of The Rotarian Magazine) was published in 1911; magazines, newsletters and bulletins have becaome a major source of information on Rotary activities worldwide. There are thousands of magazines, bulletins and newsletters published around the world containing Rotary information. Most of these publications are produced by the individual clubs for purposes of keeping their members informed but others cut across clubs and are targeted towards larger audiences like entire districts, countries and continents.

This month’s theme is a significant one for The Core because The Core News enters its second year of publication, having first been released in March 2005. The Core News has since evolved to become a major source of information on club activities and Rotaract/Rotary information for both club members and guests.

It is acknowledged that a good club member needs to be informed of not only issues relating to the club but also of general rotary information. It is also not possible for all members to have the same level of access to information. A club publication therefore serves to fill in the information gap and help create better members. Club publications are also a good avenue through which club members get to express themselves on various issues through contributing articles or comments.

As The Core News moves into its second year I envisage improvements being made to it. There is already an electronic version that is circulated to members. If resources allow it will be published more than once a month and it will be bigger. The ultimate goal, however, is to put The Core News online so that it can be accessed by more people and thus bring the activities of The Core and Rotaract to a much larger audience.

I would therefore like all members to contribute more to our publication so as to make it richer and more relevant tool in achieving fellowship through service.
Julian Mwine - Bulletin Officer
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Pictures form RYLA Ssese islands
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On arrival at the islands
A cultural night
Prepping for team building exercises
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February is World Understanding Month
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
The month of February is special in the Rotary calendar since it is designated World Understanding Month. The month also includes the anniversary of the first meeting of Rotary held on February 23, 1905, now designated World Understanding and Peace Day.In designating World Understanding Month, the Rotary International board asks all clubs in the Rotary fraternity to plan programmes for their weekly meetings and undertake special activities to emphasize "understanding and goodwill as essential for world peace."

Rotary's diverse membership is an invaluable asset, and it is what distinguishes the organisation from other service organizations. Through international programmes such as Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, the Ambassadorial Scholarships programme, Matching Grants, and World Community Service, Rotary is able to expand its reach of service.

For Rotaract, World Understanding Month is a chance for every club to reflect on and promote the sixth goal of Rotaract, which calls for promoting international understanding and goodwill towards all people.

The Core has gone some way towards promoting international understanding through it’s twinning project with the Rotaract Club of Muthaiga from Nairobi, Kenya. This twinning has resulted in some members of The Core visiting Kenya at the invitation of the Rotaract Club of Muthaiga. This trip gave those who went the chance to experience various aspects of Kenyan life and also dvelope strong friendships with their Kenyan counterparts. Uganda’s independence day took place during the trip and the Kenyan rotaractors got to learn the Ugandan National anthem and they received a flag from the Core. Such gestures go some way in creating an understanding of different people’s cultures and history, which serves to develope bonds between people of different countries. The Rotaractors from Muthaiga will visit Uganda in the near future and they will also hopefully benefit from the experince.

Personal interactions between people of different nationalities lead to deeper crosscultural understanding and less chances of conflict between the nations.
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All the best in 2006
Monday, January 16, 2006
It is good to see that all of us have made it into the New Year and hopefully the holidays were full of fun, merrymaking and rest.

2005 was the year the club was chartered, after many initial hardships, and that in its self was one major achievement for the club. Last year was also a year for the club to find its feet, establish its self and create a distinct character for itself as a worthy club. This has largely been accomplished.

The membership has grew considerably during the year and despite the loss of a few members, mostly due to the pressures of study and work, the overall membership is active and strongly dedicated to the clubs progress.

2006 promises to be a different year. It will be a year for consolidation and creating a presence for the club in the community. Embarking on a number of short and long term community and international service projects shall be the best way to do this. Some of these projects are already underway in various stages.

2006 is the year we celebrate our first anniversary and it is also a year for The Core to increase its visibility in the country and district. As long as we maintain the enthusiasm to see the club prosper even the sky is too low a limit.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Friday, December 23, 2005

The calendar year is coming to an end and the Rotary year is hitting the halfway mark. For the Rotaract Club of Kampala- The Core, this year has been a significant one because it is the year the club was chartered by Rotary International.

Because the club is new it is facing a few of the expected teething problems but the future looks great and promising. The club members are all energetic, enthusiastic and they have what it takes to make the club great.

The members of The Core would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Core looks forward to working with you all in the months and years to come.
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